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Hot water pressure washers from Columbia Basin Hotsy in WA are available in many styles to suit your needs. Hot water is especially effective when there’s grease or oil evident in what you’re cleaning. Just like you’d use hot water to wash greasy dishes, a hot water pressure washer is used to break down grease, instead of only moving it around.

We carry over 100 hot water pressure washer models, including portable and stationary models. Hot water power washers use either electric or gasoline to power the high-pressure pump and a secondary fuel source to fire the burner that heats the water, which includes oil, diesel, natural gas or LP (propane)-fired.

The staff at Columbia Basin Hotsy is well-versed in matching our customers with the most suitable hot water pressure washer model for their needs. Our territory includes Central/SE WA and NE Oregon, including Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, Walla Walla, Yakima, Pendleton, Hermiston and Boardman. We would be happy to provide a quote on a particular model. Please call locally at (509) 547-2323 or toll free 888-844-6879.

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