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Complete Wash Bay Systems for vehicle cleaning

Columbia Basin Hotsy designs and installs customized vehicle washing system for businesses that need to wash trucks, vehicles and heavy equipment. We serve the Central / SE Washington and NE Oregon area.

A Wash Bay System is comprised of a stationary pressure washer located in a remote area, away from the washing area. Your team operates the pressure washer by a remote control system, and a series of hoses and trolleys allows them to easily clean around your equipment.

Our cleaning experts will recommend a system designed to meet your needs, providing guidance throughout the project. Often choosing a pressure washer to tap into your existing power supply, like natural-gas for example, will provide an economical solution, and alleviate the chance of running out of fuel. We can also recommend and deliver bulk size detergents, which speed up cleaning.

To learn more about how a wash bay system could be utilized at your facility, ask for a free on-site analysis. Columbia Basin Hotsy will survey your facility and let you know what is needed to start efficiently washing your vehicles. We can also provide wash water recycling equipment.

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